Erskine Family History

Glasgow, Scotland


Alexander Erskine

BIRTH: Scotland

                                        Married - 22 Jun 1834 

                                        Barony, Lanark, Scotland

Helen Johnston

BIRTH: Ireland


John Erskine

BIRTH: 27 Jul 1838, Scotland



        John married Sarah Ann Dunnigan on 31 Dec 1857, in Calton, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.  At the time of Scotland's 1861 Census, John (23), a cotton carder, was living with his wife, Sarah (23), and their two daughters: Sarah (2 years old, born 12 Nov 1859), and Ellen, (1 month old, born 25 Mar 1861), at 20 Green Street, Calton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. While living in Scotland, they had two more children: Grace, born 30 Apr 1863; and Jennett (Jane), born 22 May 1865.

        At the time of the 1870 Census, John was 32, working in a cotton mill, and living with his wife, Sarah (32), and their daughters: Sarah (11), Ellen (9), Grace (7), Jane (5), and Agnes (1), in Easthampton, Hampshire County, MA (Series: M593 Roll: 620 Page: 145). Their fifth daughter, Agnes, had been born in MA, on 30 Aug 1868.

        At the time of the 1880 Census, John was 43, widowed and living with his daughters, Ellen (16); Grace (15); Jennett (13); and Agnes (11); and his sons, John  (9), born 1871; and William (6), born1874; in Easthampton, Hampshire County, MA (Series: T9; Roll: 537; Page: 341; District: 344).  John, Ellen, Grace and Jennett all worked in a cotton mill.  Agnes took care of the home, and John and William were in school.

DEATH: John died on 8 Sep 1882, in Easthampton, MA, at the age of 43, of consumption (tuberculosis).

BURIAL: John was buried in the Erskine family plot in East Street Cemetery, Easthampton, MA, with his wife, Sarah (d 26 Sep1879); his grandson, Bertram Bolton (d 6 Oct 1879); and his daughter, Sarah Bolton (d 20 Jan 1880).  Other family members later buried there were his daughter, Jennett (d 22 Jan 1883); his son-in-law, Julius Folin (d 23 Mar 1919);  his son-in-law, Thomas McKinnon (d 11 May 1933); his daughter, Grace McKinnon (d 31 May 1934); and his daughter, Agnes Folin (d 16 May 1963).


Marriage of John Erskine

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